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M: Hey, Tulio? What was the plan again?
T: We make the blog, we get the followers, and we become famous!
M: What about that part about going back to Spain?
T: We are back in Spain!
M: Oh, yeah, I forget that sometimes. But... we're wanted in Spain.
T: We'll just run away then.
M: To the internet?
T: Exactly. Nobody can catch us on something this big!
M: Ah, sounds like a good plan to me. Let's do it then!

((Independent RP for Tulio and Miguel from the Road to El Dorado, will roleplay with anyone. Miguel is bolded font and Tulio is normal font

We will most likely hit the post limit often, so if we don't respond, check the second blog we've made. Same muns and muses, just a different blog to use when we hit the limit. It's wearebackinspain))
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Elton John
It's Tough To Be A God
The Road To El Dorado


It’s Tough To Be A God (Movie Version) || The Road To El Dorado

Elton John
Road to El Dorado


Without Question - Elton John (The Road to El Dorado)

the songs in this movie were just awesome.

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((Dorothy (Miguel-mun) is still on her ‘unable to go on the internet during weekdays’ rule, and is rarely free enough to go on this blog with me. We’re back for now, and hopefully, we can get back to updating regularly.

The mun page will have our other blogs shortly))

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